Welcome to Shri Sitanand Jha Private Industrial Training Institute

This isn't just any other institute. It's an ultra-modern facility with values rooted deep down in the 5000 year old culture which has always led the way forward to humans around the world. Situated in the historic land of Sijoul, Shri Sitanand Jha pvt. iti is extremely progressive in thought, culture, mission, vision and delivery of world-class education to the next generation of students. The institute is poised to help you give the very best of both worlds i.e. a culture which is 5000 years old and an education which is decade ahead of its time.

Shri Sitanand Jha is a private ITI guided and governed by the policy, rules and regulations of the state and under the regulations of the DGT. This is the first Self-financed private ITI in Sijoul. It belongs to Sandip Group of Institutions which owns the very well-known Sandip Foundation in Nashik.

Name of the Institute Shri Sitanand Jha Private Industrial Training Institute
Address of the Institute Neelam Vidya Vihar, Via Rajnagar, Village: Sijoul, P.O.:- Mailam, Block: Jhanjharpur
Dist.- Madhubani (Bihar)
Pin Code : 847235
Date of Establishment 02/04/2015
DGET File Reference No Not Applicable
Code Allotted by DGET Not Applicable
Contact Nos. 02266048500, 02225611815
Mobile No. +919833992714
Fax No. 02225611815
E mail ID sandipfoundation@gmail.com
Location-Rural/Urban Rural
Approach/How to Reach 20 Km away from Madhubani